This is my song, for the asking,
Ask me and I'll play...
Paul Simon

Once in a great while my fickle muse visits and I write song lyrics. This just sort of drifted down with the snow one winter day.


Larry Pater

Copyright 2012; all rights reserved.

It’s only been six months or so, but it seems so long ago,
Hopped in the truck, and drove to Bonneville.
They got a mountain there that floats, and a road to launch boats,
So many cool rides, you’re sure to get a thrill.
You wait in line for your two minutes of fame,
Hoping and praying that it’s not going to rain [don’t need no rain].

Build a sled in a year or two, there’s an awful lot to do,
I need a 
motor and wheels and a chassis and body and safety gear.
My first and last thought every day, thinking through better ways,
To make it faster and safer and to get it here.
And my wallet’s flat, it’s no longer fat,
But I hope to get myself a special hat [a bright red hat].


In August you know, I’ll pack up and go,
Ride the Eighty fifteen hundred miles.
To feed that need for speed, and I hope no one will bleed,
I’ll make new friends and smile a pile of smiles.
I’ll wait in line for that ninety second run,
And I hope that Mother Nature won’t spoil my fun.


No walls, no corners, nobody to pass, open pipes and racing gas,
Leather and Nomex suits are really all the rage.
Melted pistons and crankcase holes, the course is marked by flags on poles,
And I’m snug and warm, belted down in my roll cage.
And my purse is trashed, you can be sure of that,
But I just might get myself a special [200 mile an hour] hat.


Shakedown runs are done, time to make a record run,
I’ll get my timing slip down at the other end.
Check the pressure and the tach, feed the clutch, there’s no turning back,
Then visit impound, and back in line again.
The cockpit’s as comfy as my daddy’s favorite chair,
Sure wish I had some more warm clothes to wear.


Motor’s broke, so am I, but my ride did purely fly,
No need to cry, I had a lot of fun.
My budget is off, but people spend more on golf,
And I can’t wait to make another run.
We’ll leave the salt looking better than when we came,
And we hope that next time it’s not going to - sleet or snow or hail or blow or – rain.

Copyright 2012; all rights reserved.

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